Richard Osterlind and Bob Cassidy LIVE

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“Bob Cassidy is one of the true geniuses of mentalism and one of the most influential. Period.” -Jheff

“Bob Cassidy is also the real deal. He is a veteran performer, who often works unusual venues. He thinks deeply about the art and craft of mentalism.” - Michael Close

“Bob Cassidy [is] head and shoulders above so many mentalists, especially many of those currently engaged in the business of producing product and publications for the alleged improvement of their peers.” - Jamy Ian Swiss

“I have seen Richard Osterlind perform under many conditions and for many different kinds of groups. He is one of the strongest mystery performers it has ever been my pleasure to know.” -Richard Hatch

“Every time I get one of Richard’s effects, or read one of his books, I am filled with ‘that’s great’ moments. There are few individuals in this field that do that to me on a constant basis; Richard is at the top of that list. His thinking inspires me to be better at this craft and to constantly rethink what I’m doing and why I am doing it.” - Greg Arce

“I have read and watched everything Richard has offered our community. This man doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks he walk, for many years, for hundreds if not thousands of clients around the world, and he still does to this day.” - Marc Spellman

“Richard Osterlind is one of the most prolific, creative, and influential mentalists working today.” -Jheff

What will they teach?

In this dual Osterlind/Cassidy lecture, Richard and Bob will cover a lot of ground, both theoretical and practical. They'll be telling quite a few stories as well.

Richard Osterlind will be talking about his “roots” and those effects with which he began his career. Some of the items he plans to demonstrate and explain are:

  • Magic vs. Mentalism

  • Par Optic Vision

  • Al Mann’s Azonic Force

All of these will show Richard’s latest updates.

Bob Cassidy is a repository of wisdom and this lecture will be packed with usable, real-world information that will resonate with magician and mentalist alike.
Bob plans on demonstrating various updates, angles, and variations on…

  • The White Dwarf

  • Par Optic Vision

  • Dead Name Speller

Bob offers solid routines, interesting theoretical observations and straight-shooting practical advice. Even if you don't perform any mentalism at all, you will still learn a tremendous amount from his approach and professional insights.

Who are they?

Richard Osterlind has been a top corporate performer for over 40 years. He has traveled around the world entertaining presidents, heads of state, foreign dignitaries, CEO executives, sports figures, newscasters and audiences from every walk of life. He has become a legend in the corporate world. Richard has also become known as one of the leading teachers of Magic and Mentalism. With 30 videos, over 20 books and hundreds of original effects to his credit, there is hardly a performer who has not been influenced by his work. His down-to-earth manner of performing, coupled with his original, audience-tested methods, has made him a favorite in the eyes of his peers. He has constantly shown his ability to take time-honored secrets and update them for the modern world and his instructional materials have probably made more money for mystery performers than any other living instructor.

When asked if his ability is a gift granted to only a few, Bob Cassidy will just shake his head and smile. He knows only too well that it took many years of hard work to develop the skills which seem to come to him so naturally on stage. While serving in the United States Navy as a communications specialist, he developed an act in which he displayed his virtually photographic memory and a remarkable sense of intuition. It was during this time that he began an in-depth study of the powers of the mind which led to the creation of the mentalism demonstrations he presents today. He began performing semi-professionally as a mentalist, stage mind-reader, and hypnotist in 1972. His first major gig was performing for Holland America Cruises, where he honed his skills and introduced entirely new concepts to the art of mentalism. Two hundred cruises later he would write three books on the principles he developed during this period of his performing career. He has since published and recorded a long list of works on Mentalism and the related arts. Bob co-founded the Psychic Entertainers Association in 1978, served as its president (1982-83), and was editor of its journal, “Vibrations,” through 1982. He was elected to honorary life membership in 1988 and was the first mentalist to be awarded its “Award for Creativity in Psychic Entertainment” in 1996. In 2011, Bob was the recipient of the Psychic Entertainers Association Dunninger Award, presented for distinguished professionalism in the performance of mentalism. In 2013, Bob was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at MINDvention in Las Vegas.