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"Pete Studebaker is like a secret weapon. He has given me many ideas, jokes, bits of business and finesses throughout the years. Plus, he really makes me laugh." - ­Mac King

"There are few people that can make me laugh out loud. Peter Studebaker is one of those. A smart, funny, thinking magician that can help you grow your magic. All good." - Bob Sheets

"I have known Peter from back when he was a member of The Underground, The Inner Circle, back when The Secrets were truly kept. Peter has studied with the past Giants of Sleight Of Hand and Close Up Magic. There have been many times that I have begged Peter to show me something he did, and his response was, I can't, I promised to keep it a secret....Well, Peter is ready to talk! So Listen up CMX freaks and learn some Real Magic!" - Paul Kozak

"Peter Studebaker? He's that powerful combination of gifted comedian and superb technician with a deep understanding of magic and the performing chops to apply that knowledge. He sucks you in with his wry, dry sense of humor then brings the hammer down with some of the cleanest, cleverest magic I've seen. I've never had a meal with Pete where I wasn't reduced to a honking laughing fit. Don't miss any opportunity to spend some time with him!" - ­David Williamson

"I've known Peter for 35 years. He is a member in good standing of the underground. He may well be the best magician you've never heard of. I always learn something when we spend time together. He is a monster performer. Watch this lecture...!" - ­Doc Eason

"Every time I am with Peter he blows me away with something new and commercial that he has up his sleeve. As a producer, my clients always love Peter!" - ­Bill Herz

"Peter Studebaker's work is an exceptional blend of skill, comedy, personality, and solid routining...his unique style has earned him the reputation of one of the most popular performers in Las Vegas." - ­Jeff McBride

"One of my oldest friends in Magic, Peter is a master at his craft, a proven professional, a ‘Magician’s Magician’ and a great entertainer!" - Michael Finney

What will he teach?

Famous Cigarette Paper Tear - Peter has opened his shows with this classic effect. This handling has inspiration from Nate Leipzig, Al Koran, and Michael Skinner.

LottoCash - This is a unique, “packs­flat/plays­BIG” version of Easy Money/FlashCash effect. The psychology of the effect is perfect; the unique handling adapts to several other presentations. A crowd pleaser that never fails.

Chicago Universal - Chicago Opener meets Universal Card. Powerful magic which easily converts to a strong trade show “pitch” effect.

Wild Poker - A surprisingly simple method produces strong, visual card magic. Five Jokers transform to a Royal Flush. Suitable for trade show, television, close­up or parlour.

Stud Shuffle and Signature Routine - The simplest, most effective “in the hands” false riffle shuffle that you will never see! Peter will also show how he uses the shuffle to impress his most important clients.

I.R.D. (Information Retrieval Device) - Can a simple rubber band turn into a nano­technological data­finder? It does just that when Peter Studebaker uses it!

SnapCash - Making CASH appear in another magical way never gets old! This is an impromptu stunner that captures attention and draw gasps from spectators.

The Scorpion Moth - Peter Studebaker and Mac King released this magic prank several years ago. It will startle and scare the wits out of its target audience. Laughter and Fun are found in the vicinity of The Scorpion Moth!

Kinetic KardBox - The Animated Rising and Jumping Deck!

Additional Lecture Material On: The Pass, Zarrow Shuffle, Fancy Flourishes, Ouija Card, 3 Card Monte, TieFoon, Squeaker Work, Autograph Hound, Trade Show Secrets, Sales Secrets, and Performance Tips!

Who is he?

Peter Studebaker is a Journeyman Magician. He may not know all the tricks of the trade, but he has more than a few up his sleeve. Studebaker, originally from Texas, now lives in Las Vegas and travels the world to entertain. His comedic sleight of hand draws gasps, laughter and applause at corporate and society events from Houston to Hong Kong.

From haunting the magic section of the public library to sweeping the floors of the local magic shop, Peter “got serious” about conjuring, particularly sleight of hand, at age 13. Upon seeing Albert Goshman lecture at the Houston Elks Lodge, his future course was set. In addition to Goshman, Peter studied other Masters: Dai Vernon, Roger Klause, Derek Dingle, Michael Skinner, and Charlie Miller and became associated with the sleights and knuckle­busting moves and methods of “The Underground.”

It was while studying in Europe during college that he met Ken Brooke, Fred Kaps, and Bob Read, major influences on young Studebaker. They all inspired his later performing career: combining the wit, charm and strong magic that would become his trademark.

After graduating from UT­Austin with a degree in International Business, Peter began a job in auto parts sales that took him around Texas. Hanging around Houston with good buddy John Carney, and seeing his example of smart magic for smart audiences further fueled the magic fire. He finally “took the plunge” and became a full­time performer in 1981.

Peter performed in upscale restaurants and hotels in Houston and Dallas/­Ft. Worth over the next 20 years, with long term appearances at Hyatt, Doubletree, Radisson, Loews, Hilton, and Westin properties among others. These jobs led to numerous bookings for corporate and society events. Comedy Clubs provided another venue in which to perform, and then it was Trade Shows. Helping exhibitors succeed at trade shows combines the sales and magic skills in a way that is valuable to his clients.

As a trade show performer, Peter began traveling to various parts of the US and the world including Paris, Rio, Hong Kong, Geneva, Montreal….where hasn’t he been? He has lectured to magic groups in Rio de Janeiro, Montreal, Quebec City, Boston, St. Louis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Sacramento, and Providence, among other cities.

Peter has appeared on ABC­TV’s “Put to the Test” and “America’s Funniest People.” He has worked every type of event imaginable. These days his talents are in demand for important live events, both as entertainer and speaker.

Peter is a Journeyman Magician; he delivers FUN along with brain-­frying sleight of hand…leaving audiences laughing and thinking. Since he performs almost exclusively for laymen, Peter is not as well known to magic’s “rank and file,” but he is long recognized by most of “The Inner Circle of Magic” and has performed and collaborated with a “Who’s Who” of magic “names” over the years.

In his spare time, Peter studies French, sales, philosophy, economics, and origami. He is an avid squash player.