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“Kuffs is a genius, his tossed out cube went right into my act after his lecture and never left. It is always great when performers and thinkers as talented as Patrik are willing to share their ideas.” - Jon Armstrong

“Patrik Kuffs is not only an inventor of ingenious ideas, but he is also an great performers – I've seen him perform and lecture and he's a true gentleman with knowledge and understanding of our craft.” - Lior Manor

“Kuffs always surprises me with impossible new magic, hilarious presentations and overall human kindness. One of my favourite magicians to watch!" - Bro Gilbert

“If I had to make a list of 10 people to be in a room discuss magic performance, method, and originality, Patrik Kuffs is a name that would be one of the first. If you get a chance to be in a room with Kuffy, bring pens and paper and a mindset of new perspectives.” - Andrew Gerard

“Patrik Kuffs is a deep well of magical thought and invention… and funny on top of it! ” - David Regal

“Patrik thinking never ceases to amaze me. I've been using his material for years. One of the top creators and thinkers I know!” - Paul Romhany

"Patrik Kuffs is really one of a kind! I love his personality and he is diabolically clever with his magic. With so many magicians these days who seem to come from the same mold, not only did they break the mold that Patrik came out of, but he was the first one made! I could only hope that others in our art could be as ingenious, innovative and inspiring as Patrik Kuffs!" - Richard Osterlind

“It’s hard enough to develop a degree of proficiency in any one branch of magic, but to become adept (truly adept) at several specialties is exceedingly rare. This, however, is the least amazing thing about Patrik Kuffs. With much of his waking life spent creating devious effects, he has developed wholly original acts for both close-up and stage, comprised of material that fools magicians, mentalists, laymen, and quite possibly some computers.” - David Acer

“Patrik Kuffs is one of those rare performers that truly knows who he is and that awareness is infused in everything he performs. The result is a truly unique and distinctive experience for his audiences. He is not to be missed!” - Todd Robbins

"Patrik is one of the good guys. He thinks about his routines and effects and tries to extract the most entertainment and fun out of every moment. If you want commercial effects with practical methods listen to what he has to say." - Marc Paul

“Behind the irresistibly goofy stage persona and a self-effacing modesty off-stage, Patrik Kuffs hides one of the least predictable and most knowledgeable minds of our craft. Many of the world’s leading performers rely on techniques he pioneered, often keeping very quiet about it. Throughout all his work, decades of full-pro comedy performance shine through in the robust, ridiculously simple but oh so deceptive methods. For the jaded and spoiled seen-it-alls among us, Kuffs is the mandatory antidote, a mind-opener, rebel statement and mastery display all in one.” - Jan Bardi

“Patrik really thinks a lot about the performance of magic. Very clever methods are applied to very commercial effects.” - Jon Allen

“Kuffs is the zaniest, craziest mentalist I've ever seen. His fast-paced performances charm his audiences, which means his bold methods fly under the radar.” - Ken Dyne

“Kuffs has the sort of mind that oozes creative ideas and original mentalism. He is as unique as they come and his material is as brilliant as it can get.” - Chris Cox

"Patrik Kuffs is one of my favourite mentalists and performers. He's a full-time pro, so he knows what works in the real world. He comes up with great ideas, he performs well and teaches clearly. What's more, he knows how to make mentalism FUN, which is a fairly rare ability. What more could you want?" - Ian Rowland

"Kuffs has produced some truly amazing material, his metal bending from many years ago greatly inspired my fascination. His mentalism is always streamlined, direct and workable." - Marc Spelmann

"I know Patrik Kuffs to be clever, innovative, and generous with his ideas. He is well on his way toward establishing himself as a major figure in our business." -Lee Earle

What does he teach?

THE “KUFFERENCE” We have a rare opportunity to explore the funny and original mind of Patrik Kuffs! Covering close-up to stage magic, with discussions on audience psychology along the way, you’re sure to leave Patrik's “Kufference” inspired and with material you will love to perform. Kuffs’ strength lies in the simplicity and directness of his effects as well as his fun approach to magic and mentalism.

The lecture includes a mix of Patrik’s published items along with a few new routines and sharing his variations on some classic themes. This will be a fun adventure in sharing new ideas and concepts, and for also reflecting upon how we can entertain an audience through the art of deception and comedy. If you like magic, if you like mentalism, you will be, like many others, a fan of Patrik Kuffs.

Bold Business Close-up Drawing Duplication with business cards.

Tossed Out Darts Some twist on the venerable David Hoy plot.

Floating Bag An homage to Richard Osterlind's.

Poster Puzzle A presentation for the Al Koran Newspaper Test.

P.Q.I. A very personal version of Koran Jackpot Coin.

Any Card at Any Kleenex (The title says it all...)

E.Z.Malini A very easy and sure way for doing a version of a card stab.

Back Perception An idea to use a well-known impression device for pre-show worker.

HandKuffs Some fun with a pair of handcuffs.

Step by Step On the floor card trick.

And more...

Who is he?

Patrik Kuffs was destined to be different just for the fact that he was born on... Halloween! He is a from Montreal, Canada and a self-taught magician, mentalist, creator and comedian, who, for more than 25 years now, has explored the secret world of magic and mentalism. With a unique style and a particular vision of his own, Kuffs gained the respect of his peers all over the globe. Whether on TV or on stage, he combines humor and magical feats like nobody. Kuffs causes laughter and surprise wherever he goes. His secret? A down to heart character in addition to being a talented artist respected by his audience. Even if he always aims to stay “underground” for the most part, Patrik Kuffs is one of foremost magical performers of his generation.