Michael O'Brien LIVE ACT - Download Card

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"Michael O'Brien has proven himself to be a master of the rings and I cannot think of a better
teacher than him. His performance is a work of art. So sit back, relax and watch an expert
perform some of the best routines you are ever likely to see." -Matthew Garrett (UK | 2010 Magic Circle Closeup Magician of the Year | Creator of NINJA+)

"This is the best version of the Chinese Linking Rings I have ever seen. The fact that I get to
touch and participate in all of this; it felt like a better dance than I have ever seen. That was just
a delight." -Brian Brushwood, (USA | Scam School)

"Triumph is a very powerful plot in magic. 'Tour de Force' is a beautiful, simple handling of that
effect." -Jonathan Bayme (USA | Theory 11 CEO)

"Michael O'Brien is a real world working magician. When it comes to close up magic, he is a
consummate professional through and through. His Pokemon card trick has been a part of my
family strolling set for over a year!" -Cody Fisher, USA

"This [Tour de Force] is one of the most practical Triumph routines I’ve seen and well worth
learning and adding to your repertoire. This is very highly recommended." -Paul Romhany (USA | Vanish Magazine)

"Michael is an inventive thinker, creator, and storyteller." -John Gustaferro, USA

"A natural showman, Michael has the ability to wow an audience effortlessly, and well, his magic speaks for itself, simply beautiful, each trick is a worker's dream!" -Damien O'Brien (UK | BBC’s Killer Magic)

What will he teach?

Standing Close-up Act- Oftentimes situations come up where table space is limited or in some cases maybe even nonexistent. What do you do when you have no table space to work on? This is where reimagining your routines and ideas to work sans-table will become a life saver in these
Michael has put together a completely table-free act that features some of his favorite classic
plots in close-up magic, including: Chinese Linking Rings, Sponge Balls, Triumph, Purse Frame Magic, Deck Switches, Prediction Effects, and MORE! You will also learn how to adapt effects you already perform and make them suitable for table-free situations in both formal close-up or strolling environments.

Effects Included:
-Have You Seen My Purse?
-Mini Deck
-PCAAN (Pocket Card at Any Number)
-Tour de Force
-Strolling Chop Cup
-Hatline Prediction
-Card to Pokét

Who is he?

Many recognize him as “The guy in the fancy hat.” Others may say they have seen him perform
the “Best Chinese Linking Rings routine they have ever seen.” Michael is simply a passionate
magician with a love for classical magic. When he is not performing at weddings, corporate
events or restaurants, Michael is spending his time with his wife and daughter, supporting his
friends’ magic careers, and constantly thinking of new ways to push his own magic to the next
level. Never be afraid to reach out if you ever have any questions. Michael is happy to help in
any way that he can!