Matthew Johnson LIVE

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“One of few magicians who is VERY funny and VERY skilled!” -Gregory Wilson

"Matthew Johnson is a joy to watch!" -Mark Wilson

“AWESOME!” –John Archer

"A very, very clever man!" –Paul Green

"Matt Johnson does more shows a year than anyone else I know!" –Bro Gilbert

"Matthew has great material I know you will use!" –Paul Romhany

"I love Matt's material; he blends a great depth of magical knowledge with a wonderfully playful creativity" -Christopher Taylor

"Clever thinking and one handsome fella. Matthew Johnson is the man!" -Luke Dancy

What will he teach?

  • Any Card at Any Number: Matthew’s new streamlined version with just 2 decks & instant reset.

  • The Gum Thing: A piece of gum is popped out of a gum packet, chewed and then goes back in time to appear, sealed back in the gum packet.

  • Black I: A card is chosen and signed and lost in the deck. A large black letter I is drawn on the back of the top card of the deck. The I vanishes, travels down into the deck and appears on the signed selection (instant reset).

  • Sweet: Mentalism with four borrowed sugar packets (instant reset/no prep required).

  • Knife A King: Hilarious find a card revelation. This one is X-Rated because of the language used. Really cool little bit for nightclub and bar audience but it does use strong language.

  • Improved Vanishing Card Case: Great card case vanish. Gimmick does have to be constructed, but once made will last forever (instant reset).

  • The Naked Mind Reading Magician: Mentalism card revelation. Funny & a little risque, but no suggestive language used.

Who is he?

Matthew Johnson is a magician, juggler, physical comedian and our friendly neighborhood lunatic.

He has toured the world performing his unique brand of zany, yet amazing, magic that delivers nonstop laughs and surprises.

And now, he's coming here to Penguin Live to delight you with a mixture of comedy and hard-hitting magic and mentalism.

If you like to laugh and be amazed, join us to see why Matthew Johnson has been requested to teach his unique style to professional magicians all over the world.

From the Magic Circle in London, to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and even to the World Championships of Magic, FISM, people are raving about Matthew Johnson. We think you will too.