Marc Spelmann LIVE

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"Marc knows how to create an idea in such a way as to create a stunning piece of mentalism." -Banachek

"Brilliant!" -Richard Osterlind

"Some of the most workable and entertaining effects I've seen in a long time." -Larry Becker

"A Prolific Creator." -Richard Webster

“Marc Spelmann is fascinating, I genuinely cannot understand how any of it was possible. Superb, truly superb.” -David Cameron

"Exceptional!" -Simon Cowell

“Spelmann was on my show twice, the second time he was live for almost an hour it was virtually his own show. He is brilliant, charming & unnerving.” -Pete Murray

"Incredible!" -Jack Nicholson

"Wonderful!" -Hugh Grant

"Amazing!" -Jonathan Ross

"Unbelievable!" -Eric Clapton

"Astonishing!" -Richard Branson

"Fantastic" -George Michael

What will he teach?

Marc will share useful and practical techniques on how to introduce more mentalism into your act. If you're already a working pro, Marc will also be sharing tips and tricks to add to your existing routines.

He'll also cover:

  • His version of the famous "Out of this world" effect which he says is "one of the strongest demonstrations with a deck of cards."

  • His thoughts and techniques to adding more sleight of hand to your mentalism routine and why it will enhance your performance and add opportunity.

  • His personal PK techniques.

  • Tips on how to branch out to other forms of performance and how to make the transition.

Marc plans to reveal almost everything he knows including effects, techniques, thoughts, principals, mentalism and magic.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the game, this lecture will offer something for EVERYONE.

Who is Marc Spelmann?

Marc is an alternative magician, mind reader & paranormalist and has been captivating audiences all over the world since the early 1990′s with his astonishing close up magic & mind reading as well as his fascinating stage shows. He performs as a close up magician & mind reader, a table magician & mind reader as well as a stage magician & mind reader. Spelmann regularly entertains celebrities & heads of state as well as the most influential corporate companies and Royalty. He performs at corporate functions, private parties, exclusive dinner parties, VIP events, celebrity bashes and even as a wedding magician on your special day.

Spelmann is not your average magician or mind reader, he has performed to more people live than Houdini did in his entire career. He is a published author, lecturer & specialist within the paranormal and supernatural fields, subjects which he has studied at length. This ultimately gives his performances a unique slightly unnerving edge that fascinates everyone who see’s him perform. Spelmann is genuinely one of the most original performers available, he is often imitated but virtually everything he does is unique to him.

“It is not about tricks or puzzles, it’s about a moment that simply cannot or shouldn’t be able to exist, yet it does.” -Marc Spelmann

Spelmann can perform as a close up magician and mind reader in a mix and mingle capacity during a drinks reception or standing events. For seated events he can join guests at each table in between courses throughout the evening. He can also perform sat at a performance table of his own where guests can join him for mini performances lasting 10 – 20 minutes throughout the evening.

Parlour Magician & Mind Reader

Marc also has a one man parlour act. The parlour magician and mind reader dates back to the days of the Victorians. It is essentially a stand up performance for the entire room where guests take part during the show and even achieve the impossible themselves which makes it not only astonishing but interactive and fun.

His stage show is a more elaborate performance much like you would see in a theatre and is aimed at larger events where a stage and sound system are available. The show contains some truly breath taking moments, Spelmann even gives his audience a peek behind the curtain enabling them a brief insight into his world. They are never mere observers but much more integral to the proceedings and are often in the show themselves, thus each show changes depending on how events unfold making them totally unique events that will never happen again.

Those that have witnessed his remarkable performances, be it as a close up magician at a drinks reception, at a private party watching his parlour act or at a theatre with his cabaret stage show, they are mystified at what he can achieve. The paranormal, supernatural, deception or simply a figment of your imagination?