Ken Dyne LIVE

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"Ken Dyne is an innovator. He is creator with real world experience. Someone I am happy to call a close peer and a good friend. Brainstorming with Ken is always a highlight of my life because he sees outside the box from the inside, then proceeds to reach on to those elusive dreams to make them a reality whereby his creations become the new box others look out from. When Ken speaks, listen between the lines as it is his subtleties that will enlighten you and allow you to create you own miracles." - Banachek

"I've long said it - Nobody in the business does reveals better. Keenly aware of the need to consistently entertain, Ken Dyne knows how to keep an audience on the edge of their seats and surprise them at the end. His performance philosophy is valued all the world over." - Atlas Brookings

"Ken is an outstanding talent in contemporary mentalism. His lectures are full of smart, entertaining routines, and his methods combine ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ ingenuity with simple, efficient practicality that gets you from A(stonish) to B(rilliant) as neatly as possible, without one wasted word or action. Definitely a lecture to watch and enjoy." - Ian Rowland

What will he teach?

E1 - Audience members write down random words. One volunteer looks the words over and freely selects any one of the words. Then comes the shocker. The freely selected words is the ONLY word printed inside of the large envelope that has been on display the whole time. The envelope can be handed out at the end - there is truly nothing else inside! This routine has been used as the closer for many professional mentalists around the world.

The Banned Choice - A presentational overhaul of the classic Just Chance/Bank Night effect that eliminates the sting, and features Justin Beiber.

Verbal Himber Wallet In Your Hand - Much more than a trick, this method allows for more free choices in your mentalism as illustrated by a kick-ass poker demonstration.

Mr. Golden Balls - Not only a unique and thoroughly entertaining presentation for the 'Bag and Balls' / Kurutsuke routine, but a highly practical method and as if that's not enough - a kicker surprise that comes out of nowhere but leaves your audience stunned!

Magazine Test of the Stars - Many say that this will become the standard way of achieving the magazine test. A borrowed magazine, someone places a cross on the page and in doing so nails the star-sign of a member of the audience he has never met. What's more is there are no gimmicks or props needed. This is utterly impromptu.

One Short Way To Play Fair - Or what is being touted as Ken's diabolical Any Card at Any Number that will knock you for six!

Who is he?

The BBC said "you have got to see this", and chocolate giant Mars said his act is "perfect after dinner entertainment". Performing full time for more than 12 years, Ken has a client list that includes people like Yahoo, Proctor and Gamble and his book Bairn was named Best Mentalism Product of 2014.

Ken rarely lectures because he performs his stand-up mentalism act at between 3 and 4 corporate engagements every week, and on the world's most luxurious 6 and 7 star cruise ships.

He's edgy and brutally honest. This lecture promises to upset, offend and blow the cobwebs off your mentalism as Ken shares his real-world, practical audience-pleasing advice and routines.

"When you're being paid handsomely to perform, and people are relying on you to make their event a success, you can't take any risks. Your material has to work, and it's got to be amazing."

Ken Dyne is one of the busiest working mentalists in the world, and shockingly he still has time to schedule regular hair appointments to keep that 80's hair-style.