Juan Tamariz LIVE

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Juan Tamariz is not your typical magician... but you already knew that. He's a deep thinker whose engaging manner conceals his exceptional cleverness. Whenever Juan Tamariz talks card magic, you'll get so much more out of it than a few moves, or tricks. You'll get a masterclass in the art of magic.

It's no wonder he is so respected by professionals who strive to be more than tricksters. So, prepare yourself to listen to every tiny detail.

Juan begins with a seemingly simple piece where two cards combine to become the selected card. But enough about the trick...he'll tell you why he opens his shows with it and how he uses it to establish his character and create a rapport with his audience.

Of course, you'll want to learn an incredible card trick, and Juan Tamariz will not disappoint, as he shares one of his very clean-looking approaches to the oil and water plot, and even repeats it face-up with the colors separating again with no moves. It's a truly beautiful and elegant piece that concludes with entire deck separating, although it has been thoroughly shuffled.

Now we get into the meat of the lecture as Juan explains how magic differs from most performing arts, and how we can strive to make it have more impact.

Make sure you stick with him as he really gets into the depth of his analytic nature and shows you with clear graphs the concept he's explaining.

Then, it's back to the cards as Juan performs a trick with a borrowed deck. I'll warn you... he doesn't explain it, but you're encouraged to think about it.

Next, he shows you his approach to a follow-the-leader style effect with ten red and ten black cards that just won't seem to stay put.

And finally, he finishes with an interactive trick involving the whole audience... and you (if you follow along at home). All you need are any seven cards.

So, get ready to spend some time learning about "more than cards" from the maestro himself, Juan Tamariz, right here at Penguin Live.