iSolation By Peter Eggink

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A card is selected by the spectator and may be signed. Next, a corner is initialized by the magician and torn off. You pull out your iPhone and place it in the spectators hand.

The torn piece is placed on top of your iPhone and then covered by the card. The spectator holds their other hand on top of that, in an attempt to "restore" the card but unfortunately that doesn't work out.

Slowly the card is lifted...then you visibly move the torn piece to the "soft spot" and SLOWLY PENETRATES the SOLID CLEAR PLASTIC of your iPhone case and it is now sitting on the INSIDE! Straight away your phone can be fully examined by the spectator and the card may be given away as souvenir!

You'll LOVE the clever construction of the routine! It's both FUN and EASY to perform and will leave your audience gobsmacked!

Besides playing cards, "iSolation" also works GREAT with bills, business cards, sweets etc.

Comes complete with iPhone case, special gimmicks and the 40+ minutes online HD full training video showcasing 2 different versions, bonus ideas and handling tips.

Models available: iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s and 6/6s PLUS -and YES, you can use your iSolation cover as your everyday iPhone case!

"Not a clue how that works -fooled me!" -Matt Johnson

"What a GREAT idea! I love it Peter" -Greg Rostami

"That's so good! I want one right now!" -Christopher Oberle

"OMG I love it. Amazing!" -Chris Turchi

Check out the uncut performance video and the reaction video's from some of the pro's in the industry, to hear what THEY say about iSolation!