Ian Rowland LIVE

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What will he teach?

Ian's lecture will primarily focus on some of his incredible mentalism and card effects that have helped propel his career and create his world renowned reputation.

Mentalism Section

Dim Erotic Sin
Look at someone and read their thoughts. No nonsense, pure and direct mind reading. And, there's a twist that will astound you.

A thought of card "mind game" that allows you to extract information from your spectator to guess the exact card they selected.

Troika Twist
A three-way coincidence routine.

A comedic mind reading routine with a very strong, baffling finish.

Song And Chance
A baffling prediction routine that seems impossible, even to magicians.

Card Section

Las Vegas Cut
Ian's ‘go to’ opening effect. It’s simple, quick and visually stunning.

Something Inside
Ian's favourite routine to perform for a female spectator.

Mind Wave
A simple yet powerful packet trick based on ‘Twisted Sisters’ and ‘B’Wave’

Sense of Touch
A fun effect that your spectator performs themselves!

Ian's SIGNATURE card routine revealed for the first time.

GET READY for some amazing mind reading, psychic flavored effects, intriguingly impossible events and some uncanny coincidences all served up with plenty of laughs.

“Ian Rowland has got his own franchise on modern, sophisticated mental magic. By combining seeming miracles with blistering honesty, his results are unexpected and fascinating. Best of all, he's smart, and he treats his audience as if they're smart, too.” –Jim Steinmeyer

“Ian's been a good friend for about ten years. He poses as a cynic but alas, that heart of gold shows through in spite of his best efforts to the contrary. His work is extremely subtle and ingenious; I'm so glad he's on the side of the good guys.” –Teller (of Penn & Teller)

“What impresses me most about Ian is his ability to really digest a subject, dissect it into very simple straightforward rules, and then again do the reverse so when he performs, his presentations seem flawless and direct yet logical. I truly believe that Ian's book on coldreading is the best teaching tool out there. When you see Ian perform coldreading, he makes it all looks so natural. Ian can't be explained in a few sentences, he is just way too complex. But his manner can: Ian is a gentleman's gentleman.” –Banachek

“Anyone who has seen Ian perform knows how charming and smart he is! But what I really enjoy even more is Ian's lectures and his writing. Ian's creativity inspires me to become a more thoughtful performer.” -Jeff McBride

“Ian Rowland always surprises me with his material, presentations, and writings. He loves sharing his talents with people, and this is evident in his expert performances.” –Joshua Jay

“The breadth and depth of Ian's knowledge of all facets of magic is remarkable, and his unique presentations are riveting and memorable. When he reads the minds of people he never met, telling them in detail their fears, aspirations and personal information, you know you are in the presence of either a divine or a devil. He is my favorite columnist, and his magic and mentalism performances are always both charming and astonishing." –Barrie Richardson

“Ian Rowland one of those rare people who has a lot of amazing stuff in his head. He's also the communicator's communicator, so when he chooses to share some of that stuff, I, for one, pay attention." –David Regal

“Ian Rowland constantly surprises me with both the breadth of his knowledge and depth of his creativity. No matter your areas of interest in the world of magic and mentalism, there are great things Ian can teach you.” -John Lovick

“As soon as I get it each issue of MAGIC magazine, I turn right to Ian Rowland's column. Not because I need new routines for my mentalism act (I don't have one) but because I know I'm going to laugh out loud at how clever both the writing and the trick are going to be. Even if this card guy will never use it, it's always great to learn something smart from someone smart.” -Jon Armstrong

“Ian Rowland is unique in that he not only knows how the flim-flam is done, he also does it very well, himself. I suspect that it's his constant appearance before audiences all over the world, that hones his skill and knowledge of this most complicated and subtle art. Rowland has no peer in what he does. I'm not often in awe of a friend; I make an exception in this case...” -James Randi

“If a Ph.D. degree is ever offered for mentalism, Ian Rowland will be invited to join the faculty.” -Doug Dyment

“With my considerable interest in the world of cheats and con men it is fairly obvious that Ian and I would become friends! Not because he's a cheat or lowlife but because his knowledge of specialized areas of deceit such as spiritualism are really second to none. His knowledge is always astonishing and he's a great guy to hang out with!” -Simon Lovell

“Of all the people I have met in mentalism, Ian is in my opinion one of the finest thinkers. His attention to detail is always staggering. There is a phrase I have often heard that magicians/mentalists stop thinking too soon. Well this simply does not apply to Ian... he never stops thinking!” -Marc Paul

“Ian has no wish or need to be placed on a pedestal but he remains something of a mentalist hero to myself and Kevin Sheldrake at Head Hacking. In all my dealings with Ian he has communicated with total clarity and professionalism. When he speaks I listen. I suggest you do the same.” -Anthony Jacquin, Head Hacking

“I've met Ian Rowland, seen him perform formally and informally, and everything I've read in the fantastic quotes about him is true. Most of all though, I'm thankful and proud that I can call him my friend.” –Allen Gittelson

Ian Rowland is a mentalist, magician, entertainer, writer, speaker, photographer, musician, poet and a recreational mathematician. He ravels all over the world, mesmerizing audiences with his subtle yet commanding performances.