Harry Anderson LIVE

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"I'm my eyes the very best of us came from the streets. The greats like Robin Williams, or Penn and Teller. Harry is one of those who cut his teeth on the streets. Put aside his time as one of the biggest tv stars in the world. He was a real worker who made his living performing magic that is powerful but even more importantly entertaining. Harry is the best of all of us and I'm honored to call Harry a friend and mentor. The opportunity to see a true living legend talk to you about performance of magic simply seems like a no brainer, DON'T MISS THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY?"
- Kozmo

Harry Anderson, the World famous street magician, con-man and "Night Court" star shared some incredible effects and his insights on performing magic. Throughout this unforgettable lecture you'll be inspired, you'll be challenged, but mostly, you’ll LAUGH.