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"Doug Brewer is a master magician with years of performing experience. Learn the real secrets from a consummate professional. Doug's coin magic is unique and totally fooling. His tips and advice on strolling magic are worth the price of admission. You will undoubtedly become a better magician for having witnessed this lecture." John George, International Champion of Magic

"Doug is a serious coin guy who can actually entertain an audience. I mean, not just fool them, but make them laugh and feel good about being fooled. That's rare, he's special, and you should see him on Penguin Live, living the penguin lifestyle."- Curtis Kam

What will he teach?

Coin Opener- Coins appear, split, multiply, vanish, and re-appear in a myriad of ways ending with a fistful of cash.

Rope Routine- A wonderful series of rope tricks, including penetrating the rope through various body parts.

Right Handed Coins- A tabled coins across.

Now Look Here Handling (Chad Long's classic)- an offbeat way to reveal two peeked cards with extra magic bits.

6 Point Routine- Six sleights in one routine.

Single Cup & Ball- a pared-down version with one small cup that's suitable for walk-around situations.

Cups & Balls- A routine showcasing cool moves without vanishes and perfectly paced final loads.

Bill in Lime- One of the cleanest vanishing bills in existence. And, after a few gags, the signed bill returns inside a lime.

Rice Bowl Routine- The 1998 SAM award winning act leading up to the completely unexpected production of a full bowl of rice.

Theory- Coins, Cards, and Closers.

And More!

Who is he?

Doug Brewer is mostly known for his coin magic but started out at an early age interested in stage magic. His first paid magic gig was at age 11. After moving to Los Angeles in his early twenty’s he had the good fortune of becoming one of Johnny Ace Palmer’s students. In 1996 he won the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians close-up contest, and in 1998 won first place in close-up at the Society of American Magicians convention in New Orleans. He has worked in practically every venue offered to magicians: strolling, close-up, and bar magic, and the stage as part of the two-man comedy magic team, The Magical Misfits. His first book was produced by Chris Smith, of Magic Smith fame, when Chris saw him performing at a local eatery. Doug has continued to produce magic designed for working conditions.