Derren Brown LIVE

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The maestro of mind control, Derren Brown, comes to Penguin Live... or, more precisely, we went to him. That's right, direct from England we are thrilled to bring you an exclusive, extended interview with the most-influential mentalist of the twenty-first century.

Known for his incredible television specials and his impressive live-theater performances, Derren Brown has achieved a level of unparallelled excellence.

And in this Penguin Live lecture, he lets you in on the real secrets to success and celebrity, and shares his valuable insights into our art.

Plus, we have a couple of laughs. Derren doesn't hold back as he talks about some of his favorite pieces from his shows and how those ideas are developed.

He also shares some stories about a time or two that things didn't quite turn out as well as he planned, and how he handles those situations.

We chat a bit about the impact of the internet, his influences, and his potential plans to take his live show to other countries.

You'll learn what goes on behind the scenes, and how he feels about spawning a whole new generation of psychological illusionists.

He gives you a preview of his latest book, sharing his philosophy about what constitutes true happiness, and why he thinks most people have been misled about its nature.

Derren also shares his thoughts on various techniques including Dual Reality, Cold Reading, and the Faux-cess.

And while we don't dwell on methods, if you pay attention, you'll learn valuable lessons that will make you a better performer and, quite possibly, improve your life. So, if you care at all about being the best you can be (and I know you do), you'll take this opportunity to really get to know the most-successful mystery performer of our time, Derren Brown, right here at Penguin Live.