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"David, you fooled me." -Adam Sandler

"David Gabbay is a name and an act to keep your eye on as his work is original and promising." -Gregory Wilson

"You are a very strange person. More please!" -Tom Stone

"David Gabbay takes dusty classics and gives them a fresh, young, entertaining twist that makes them not only watchable but HIGHLY entertaining!"
 -Joe Monti

“David Gabbay is not only a great guy, but a very creative magician. Love his off beat magic.” -Dan Hauss

"David's magic is smartly constructed, visual and designed for the enjoyment of the laity. Watch him closely." -Eric Jones

"In NOTEWORTHY, Gabbay shows that he is not only an accomplished technician; he is creative and has a good sense for crowd-pleasing magic." -Wayne Kawamoto

"David Gabbay likes magic to be fun, and all his tricks reflect that." -David Acer

“…interesting magic by a thoughtful young creator” -Jamy Ian Swiss

"Intellectual, artistic, and "caring." Sign me up." -Tony "The Cardfather" Picasso

Who is David Gabbay?

David creates magical moments that will transcend your perception of what magic can look like, up close, and inches away. A regular performer at The Magic Castle, David is a top young L.A. magician constantly in demand. A creator and performer of original magic, David can customize his entertainment for any event from intimate close-up shows and private parties to product launches and corporate trade shows.

In 2010 David Gabbay starred in his own one man Hollywood theater show, "Caught In A Miracle" to sold out houses and critical acclaim. A multiple award winner, most recently in 2011, David competed with magicians from across the country at the prestigious TAOM convention to earn himself the First Place Award for Close-Up Magic.