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"If a restaurant had a thousand tables and there where a thousand magicians performing, one for each table, all the people would want to be at Carl's table...including the other 999 magicians. Carl is that good."  - Joe Monti

“The routines are high-impact workers, the best compilation of clearly workable ideas that I’ve ever encountered!” - Paul W. Cummins

"The advice is excellent, and is the kind of information that can only be obtained through experience. In fact, Carl offers one suggestion that was new to me, and which I have immediately incorporated." - Michael Close

"Here's fine advice from a working pro who really knows what he's talking about."  - Mac King

"It's a rare treat to learn from one of the true masters who makes his living doing this stuff for real people. Carl's as good as it gets." - Joe Givan

"A must for those wanting to learn practical material"  - John Carney

"Swaying palms, hot white sand, sun-kissed shores . . . This is where Carl Andrews makes his very good living! Now he's giving up his marketing methods for us mere mortal mainlanders. Run, do not walk, and take his advice! Who knows, maybe you too can get your own island one day." - Gregory Wilson

"I have seen this material performed in the "real world" for amazed audiences. It is my kind of magic: practical, "working pro's" material that is within the reach of every performer. This is material used regularly to "wow" both the Hollywood celebrity crowd and the high-end Hawaiian tourist trade." - Dan Garrett

"I like them both! It's always a pleasure to see stuff that's not pipe dreams and closet magic. This is clearly material and advice from a performing magician who knows his job!"  - Jarle Leirpoll

"Very good. One can really see you are a worker, the practicality is obvious."  - Tommy Wonder

"Anything Carl puts out should grab the attention of anyone who hopes to be a successful magician." - Scott Wells

"No pipe dreams here. Carl gives you the real work on performing for real people in the real world. That's what everyone is looking for, and that's what Carl delivers" - Danny Archer

What will he teach?

The Jumbo Coin - Carl’s hanging of Gregory Wilson’s Dishonest Abe

The World Famous Two Coin Trick - No gimmick hopping half routine

Double Scotch & Soda with a Twist - Twice the fun without the gimmick

You Don’t Know Jack - Carl’s version of the Michael Close “Frog Prince”

DeJa Vu - Carl’s favorite opening card routine

Black Jack - An easy to do card routine with a Black Jack theme

Amazing - A superb peek and great routine or the know it all spectator

BS 101 - Spectators will never ask you to teach them a trick again

Hula-Fusion - No gimmick Anniversary Waltz routine

Pair O’ Dice - Gregory Wilson says this is the most fun you can have with a pair of dice outside of Las Vegas

Two Cup & Ball Routine - The title says it all

Ain’t No Mo - A cleverly constructed sponge ball routine that you WILL DO

He will also talk about how to get table hopping gigs or even creating your own venues, How to work the restaurant once you have the gig, How to approach tables or groups of people at a walk around gig.
Carl will also answer questions about cruise ship work (over 15 years on ships), show his Pocket/Pocket, the pocket organizer for strolling magicians, and demo his Show Cues App, the best way to control your show music.

Who is he?

Carl Andrews is a master of sleight of hand and a master showman. He is the consummate
corporate entertainer whose engaging and interactive performance style is clean, fresh and FUNNY! 

Carl specializes in what he calls Interactive Mental Comedy. Carl’s mental comedy show is good clean fun for audiences of any size. Perfect for conventions, banquets, colleges, cruises and special events. Several audience members are brought up on stage adding to the excitement. The act blends suggestion, perception, deception and misdirection with lots of comedy for a truly entertaining show.

He has performed all over the world including throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. He has appeared in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood as well as on Luxury Cruise Ships around the world. His award winning act has taken him to over 60 countries on 5 continents.