Blue Choice Playing Cards

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Eye-popping color on a sleek, svelte stock is what you receive with the Blue Choice deck. Designed by Ben Kolozsi, this is the latest design in the Choice series and the first ever to be printed in blue. Intended as a tribute to one of the most popular and hard-to-find deck designs of the past several decades, these cards will become an immediate favorite in your collection as well as in your pocket.

The cards feature a vibrant shade of blue and are printed on a new ultra-thin USPCC stock that doesn't sacrifice durability, making the deck a joy to use. Featuring classic Arrco faces, the deck includes 3 Jokers, a double-backer, and a custom Ace of Spades all housed in a custom tuck box. Only 2,000 first-edition decks have been printed!
-New Thin-Crush Stock from USPCC with Premium Finish
-Classically-Styled Design in a Gorgeous Blue
-Arrco Faces & Custom Ace of Spades
-3 Identical Custom Jokers
-Double-Backer Gaff
-Custom Tuck Box
-Limited First-Edition Printing of 2,000 Decks