Bicycle Wranglers Playing Cards

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Travel back to 1874 with the Bicycle Wranglers playing cards. It is estimated that in the mid-1800s up to 25% of factory-printed decks with back designs were marked. The Wranglers are no exception. Unlike the coded systems that would have been used in the 19th century, the Bicycle Wranglers have openly-readable marks designed by Phill Smith.

A marked deck is one of the most incredible secret weapons you can use as a performer. While the swindlers of the day would have used their marked decks to beat the odds at a "friendly" saloon game, the Bicycle Wranglers are to be used for entertainment purposes only.

Every piece of art in the deck is customized. The back design adopts a familiar layout featuring a galloping rider. The court cards have cowboys and cowgirls with subtle touches of metallic ink. The number cards have a vintage style with rope-outlined pips that are easily recognizable and highly playable.

Printed on Thin-Crushed stock with a linen "Magic" finish, these traditionally-cut cards are a dream to handle whether you're playing at a table or next to the campfire.

The Wranglers are printed by the United States Playing Card Company. The cards are printed using vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates on FSC-certified paper sourced from sustainable forests. This means the cards not only shuffle, fan, and spread perfectly for all of your favorite games & tricks, they're made with the environment in mind!

•100% custom artwork
•Fully marked for suit & value with openly-readable system
•Designed by Ovidiu Stoica with marks by Phill Smith
•Printed by the US Playing Card Co
•Thin-Crushed stock with linen "Magic" finish
•Traditionally cut
•Custom tuck box with custom sticker seal
•Double back and blank face gaffs included
•Limited print run of 2,500 decks