Alan Rorrison LIVE - Download Card

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"He fooled me!" - Penn Jillette

"Alan is a true inspiration, His unique way of thinking never ceases to amaze me. His amazing out of the box thinking drives me to be a better creator and magician. This is something I will always thank him for." - Ben Williams

"It's hard to be consistent. Especially in creating good, hard hitting, visual magic. Rorrison has found the secret to being consistent and We all hate him for it.... In a nice way of course" - Dee Christopher

"Alan has some of the most out of the box ideas and well thought out effects in the magic community. A true underground legend!" - Adam Wilber

"Alan is one of the most left field, offbeat creators of magic around. His methods will impress and astound in equal measure." - Own Packard

"Alan Rorrison is my favorite bagpipe playing, kilt wearing, Haggis eating, Highland Flinging human.....I like his tricks too!" - Andi Gladwin