Tom Burgoon LIVE - Download Card

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"Burgoon had me crying, He's Hot!" - Doc Eason

"Burgoon is just one of the funniest guys performing today." - The Linking Ring

"Tom's mix of humor and props is hilarious!" - Mac King

"You have a hilarious comedy act!" - George Schlinder

"One of the funniest comic magicians to ever work the Magic Castle!"Ron Wilson

"Mr. Burgoon absolutely cracked me up!" - Bob Read

"I haven't laughed at a magic show in a long time! Burgoon is Great!" - The Amazing Johnathan

"Tom Burgoon is Great! He was the Highlight of our last Magic Castle visit."Glenn Falkenstein & Francis Willard

"Tom Burgoon is hilarious!"Steve Martin

"Tom's Comedy Magic really had Nani and I Laughing! He is definitely on the road to Magical Stardom!"Mark Wilson

"Tom Burgoon is one FUNNY Magician!"Norm Nielson

"Tom never fails to crack me up!"Martin Lewis

"Tom's recent performances at the Magic Castle were nothing less than brilliant."Jules Lenier, Genii Magazine

"Tom Burgoon does some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen!"Billy McComb

"Burgoon's style is very cool!"Jeff McBride

"Tom Burgoon is Hilarious and Creative! It's a Wonderful Combination!"Daryl Martinez

What will he teach?

Crazy Eyes 
Ever messed up a trick? 
Name Tag Opener 
Silk Routine 
Thumb tip story
A little Jumpy 
Fake Out 
Smash your Cash (Quarter and penny routine)
Two old magicians 
Junk Food Jewelry 
Balloon bag routine 
Braille Card Box (Know where your decks are at all times)
Gum Gag
Pocket Bull Dog 
De-Lite Routine
Bottoms Up 
Naster Blaster 
Color Ball 
Lighter trouble 
Baby Card 
Power Pick Pocket 
Geller’s Baby Bottle 
Burgoon’s Spoons 
Worlds largest magic stuff 
3 Nuts and a Pea 
Clear Chop Cup 
Snake Eyes 
Ear Replaceable 
Spike Coin Bit 
Dyslexic Card Trick 
Writing Material 
Tom’s Star Formula 
Ultra Mint Coins 

Who is he?

With one auspicious and magical turn of the rotary dial, there appeared Mr. Sunday Night himself – Ed Sullivan – boasting a variety hour lineup of singers, dancers, puppeteers, acrobats, and celebrities and as fate would offer... a magician. For a captive and curious five-year old Tom Burgoon, this would be his premier introduction to the world of magic and entertainment and the rest – as they say – is truly history.

With an entrepreneurial career that spans over four decades, Tom Burgoon has wowed and impressed audiences coast to coast both on land and sea. His unique brand of comedy and magic has been showcased to a vast audience, with venues including everything from cruise lines to corporate clients such as 3M, Coca Cola and NASA. From comedy clubs and stage events in Las Vegas, Reno and L.A. to performing for President George W. Bush at the Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C., Tom has branded his unparalleled one-of-a-kind-show across our country and he has become one of the most in demand performers today. As magic is his first love, it is only befitting that you will find him performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood – a conjurer's delight and layman's mystical dream come true.

Tom Burgoon has prolifically shared his unique style of entertainment with thousands and thousands of delighted guests. He finds it a thrill and considers it a privilege and honor to perform and entertain. The quality of his work is echoed in the omnipotent phrase that Mr. Sunday Night himself reserved only for his best entertainers... "It's a really big show." Don't miss Tom Burgoon here at Penguin LIVE!